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M2 Method: Online Pelvic Floor Training for Women

Embrace the M2 Method for Pelvic Health

M2 Method: The Pelvic Health Revolution for Women

The M2 Method is a tailored 12-week online or 8-week in-person pelvic floor course that empowers women to regain pelvic floor strength.

With only 30 minutes of science-based exercise a day, you can confidently shop, sneeze and enjoy daily activities without the fear of leaks or pain.

Unshakable Confidence

Step out the door each day with confidence, embracing your body's resilience and the benefits of improved pelvic floor health.

Restored Activity

Return to your favorite activities, sports, and exercises, knowing your pelvic health is supporting, not stopping, your lifestyle and choices.

Empowered Womanhood

Play with your kids, laugh freely, and exercise normally without the shadow of pelvic discomfort clouding your moments.

Achieve Ultimate Pelvic Control with the M2 Method

You love being a woman, but with every sneeze or cough, you find yourself crossing your legs in fear of leakage. 


Laughter, once a source of joy, has become a trigger for anxiety, as it now brings the risk of an unwanted trickle. 


Your daily routine includes a stash of panty liners, "just in case," and your social calendar is edited, not by choice, but by the lurking dread of public embarrassment. 


You’re not alone. 70% of moms experience pelvic and bladder problems after birth. And nearly 25% of all women. Sitting at a desk all day, lifting heavy weights, or having medical conditions like endometriosis or fibroids can also cause pelvic health issues.

Mother and Baby
“I came to Meenal after my second baby complaining about back pain carrying my heavy baby. My OBGyn, like many others, just discusses birth control and nothing about pelvic health. Meenal works from the inside and out and is extremely gentle and thorough in her approach. Within a few weeks, my diastasis and any scarring were gone.

It’s important to keep up with exercises, and as a mom, it’s not easy, but like a house, the body needs a stable foundation. If someone is pulling out the low Jenga tiles, you need to build it up again, and it’s not an overnight thing.

So if you are a mom struggling with lower back pain or any other pain, set yourself one goal for tomorrow and set up an appointment with Meenal. She goes to the source of the problem and will not give up until you are back on track.”

Emma D

Embrace A Life Where Laughter Doesn't Lead To Leaks

With the M2 Method online pelvic food course, in only 30 minutes, 5 days a week, for 12 weeks, you can

Laugh without leaks during a comedy show.

Enjoy shopping trips without the restroom radar.

Get back to your exercise class without the fear of embarrassment.

Wear your stylish lingerie instead of liner-friendly but boring underwear.


Meet Your Expert

Hi, I’m Meenal. I’m a pelvic health expert physical therapist based in the Bay Area, California. 


For over 17 years, I’ve specialized in helping people with pelvic health challenges. I’ve seen the impact of an evidence-based exercise plan on your life. 


Returning your core and pelvic control to normal and revitalizing your life. 


Many of my clients experience bladder and bowel leaks and urgency, lower back and pelvic pain caused by childbirth, endometriosis, fibrosis, and extended periods of sitting or lifting heavy weights.


The M2 Method comprehensive online pelvic floor course for women is the culmination of my 17-year mission to provide accessible, science-based pelvic health education and empower women everywhere

The M2 Method - Personalized, Online or In-Person Pelvic Health Program

Customized exercises: Get content specific to your needs and goals with personalized course content provided by Meenal.

Online program: Provides convenience and flexibility for you to follow the program at your own pace and in the comfort of your home.

Video and workbook content: For clear guidance and education, helping you to perform the exercises correctly for maximum benefit.

Online community: Offers support and motivation from others on your journey. Helping your journey towards recovery.

8-week in-person option: Learn with Pelvic Floor Specialist by your side. Available in the Bay Area, California

Gain The Confidence to Take Control of Your Pelvic Health


Join the Program

Complete the questionnaire, and I’ll tailor your M2 Method experience to your unique needs.


Engage with Your Plan

Access your specialized exercise program and educational resources crafted for your pelvic health journey.


Connect and Grow

Take advantage of your personal consultation and join our supportive online community for ongoing encouragement.

M2 Method Phases

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