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Meet Your Pelvic Health Expert - Meenal Mujumdar

Advancing the Conversation on Women’s Health

As a dedicated pelvic floor expert, I support women who are living with pelvic pain and pelvic floor challenges. 

With two decades in physical therapy, I’ve witnessed the often-overlooked struggles of women - whether it’s pelvic health issues because of medical conditions, lifestyle or postpartum recovery. 

I believe in changing the conversation about women's health, ensuring you receive the care and recognition you deserve. 

Helping you means more than just exercises; it's about restoring your essence and your freedom. 
So you don’t need to plan your life around the nearest bathroom. 

Instead, you get to run, jump, and laugh without a second thought, reclaiming the spontaneity of life.


Restore Your Pelvic Health, And Live Vibrantly with the M2 Method

Pelvic health and postpartum recovery can be a complex journey, but with the right support, you can regain your strength and confidence. 


Imagine stepping into a life where pelvic health issues no longer dictate your plans, where laughter and movement are sources of joy, not anxiety. 


And enjoy the calm and peace that comes with a strong, functional body supporting your every move.


Experience the Expertise of a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist - Wherever You Are

The M2 Method is a reflection of my 20+ years as a Pelvic Health Expert and is designed to address the nuances of pelvic recovery effectively. Meenal's credentials include -

  • Certification (PRPC) - Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute

  • Australian Manual Therapy Certification

  • Lymphedema Certification with specialized certification in pelvic floor

  • Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Physical Therapy(CAPP) - APTA Section on Women's Health

  • Women's Health Life Coach Certification - Integrative Women's Health Institute

  • Pelvic PT Boot Camp certificate - Pelvic Guru Academy

The M2 Method Values

My practice is built on empathy, evidence, and empowerment—values that underscore my dedication to each mother's healing journey.

Empathy and Understanding

I listen, relate, and care. My approach begins with the acknowledgment of your unique story and the shared experiences that bond us in the pursuit of wellness.

Evidence-Based Methods

Trust in my dedication to scientifically-backed techniques. With my expertise, your journey toward healing is built on a solid foundation of proven practices.

Empowerment Through Education

Knowledge is your power. I equip you with the understanding and tools you need to take the lead in your healing process and be an advocate for your well-being.

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