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Embrace the Boundless Journey of Life: Empowering Women's Pelvic Floor Health

M2 Method: Online Pelvic Floor Program

Experience the freedom and confidence you deserve with our Online Pelvic Floor Health Program

Unshakable Confidence

Step out the door each day with confidence, embracing your body's resilience and the benefits of improved pelvic floor health.

Restored Activity

Return to your favorite activities, sports, and exercises, knowing your pelvic health is supporting, not stopping, your lifestyle and choices.

Empowered Womanhood

Play with your kids, laugh freely, and exercise normally without the shadow of pelvic discomfort clouding your moments.


Leaks, lower back pain and diastasis recti be gone!

Restore Your Pelvic Floor Health

Navigating life as a woman brings unexpected challenges— like bladder control.

Childbirth, sitting at a desk all day, endo or fibroids and lifting heavy weights can all weaken your pelvic floor. 

If you're ready to end the constant scanning for the nearest bathroom and anxiety from leaks, the M2 Method program guides you to fortify and recover your pelvic floor muscles. 

So you can embrace life's laughs, sneezes, and activities without fear of leaks.

Step into a Leak-Free Life with 
Pelvic Floor Health Program for Women

Hi, I’m Meenal

Pelvic health expert, physical therapist, and advocate for pelvic floor health for women

Countless clients have sought my expertise to conquer the distress of incontinence and pelvic pain. 


They’ve felt the frustration of leaks in public and the constant vigilance for the nearest restroom.


With over 17 years in pelvic health, I use evidence-based practices to transform lives. 


The M2 Method isn't just a program—it’s your pathway to ending the cycle of pain and embarrassment. 


So you can laugh deeply, love intimately and exercise freely again.

“Meenal is not only an exceptional, one-of-a-kind physical therapist with skill far above any other PT I’ve encountered, but she’s also a warm and compassionate human being who makes going through something difficult like pelvic pain that much easier.” 

Lilly B, Nevada

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